Holiday White Wine Bundle

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Holiday White Bundle

This bundle is great to have around for the holiday season.  Something for everyone and every meal brunch to dessert! These are all easy drinkers, and crowd pleasers. Happy holidays!



Honoro Vera Rose, Spain

Wonderful citrus notes, crisp on the palate. Perfect while you are prepping for the big gathering.  Great with turkey and cranberries!

Vigno Dao White Blend, Portugal

Notes of citrus and pear, perfect with the appetizers. Nice and light.

Castellani Pinot Grigio, Italy

Notes of citrus and floral, nice round mouth feel.  Serve well chilled. Great with salads, turkey & stuffing.

Vera Vinho Verde, Portugal

Notes of lemon, lime, and a touch of effervesce.  This is a great wine to have with brunch, fresh fruits & berries, or baked pastries.

Klinker Brick Albrarino

Fresh melon, peach, and a hint of citrus.  Perfect with green bean casserole, turkey, and mashed potatoes.

Ca’Nomboli Prosecco Italy

This Annie’s fav is great with breakfast or dessert.  Dry bubbles make this great with fried foods, desserts or appetizers.