Holiday Bundle (Red & White)

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Holiday Bundle

This bundle is great to have around all season, something for everyone and every meal!  A few more full-bodied wines for sitting outside, and a few lighter for sipping on with friends! Cheers!


Marietta OVR Rose, California

Syrah & Grenache grapes, nice while you are prepping for the big gathering.  Perfect with turkey and cranberries!

Maximin Riesling, Germany

Notes of green apple and pear, perfect with the appetizers. Nice and light with a touch of sweetness.

Tooth and Nail Sauvignon Blanc, California

Notes of peach, citrus and pear, nice round mouth feel.  Serve well chilled.

Castoro Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon

Old vine cabernet, tobacco, plum & dark cherry.  Great dessert wine, or pair with charcuterie.

Hess Treo Red Blend, California

Fresh cherry, oak, and mocha on the nose.  Easy and delicious to drink.  Great with tenderloin, prime rib or by itself.

Domaine de la Prebende, France

Fresh cherry, raspberries, earthy and long tannins.  The ultimate Thanksgiving dinner wine!